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Maryland basketball greats gather at 100th season celebration

Legendary Terps players, coaches and more assembled in Baltimore on Saturday.

Maryland basketball celebrated its 100th season with the program’s most storied alumni at Under Armour Building 37 in Baltimore on Saturday night.

Players from the 2002 National Championship team, including Steve Blake, Lonny Baxter and Chris Wilcox, reunited with former coach Gary Williams at the event. Terrapin greats Keith Booth, Ernie Graham, Joe Smith, Buck Williams, Walt Williams and more were also in attendance.

“This is good, whenever you can have an event and bring people back under good circumstances,” Booth said. “When the family gets back together, unfortunately, it’s usually funerals and stuff going on.

“It’s a time for celebration—100 years of Maryland basketball. Myself personally, I feel very fortunate to be have been a big part of it. I can picture myself as a young kid growing up and being a Maryland fan, you know watching Lefty Driesell and those teams, Len Bias, Keith Gatlin and all those guys ... I’m looking forward to seeing everybody. I might get a couple autographs myself.”

For many, the event brought back memories of their playing days in College Park, especially given that it’s now March with the NCAA Tournament in a few weeks. Blake recalled the end of the national title game in 2002. To this day, he still remembers Juan Dixon throwing the ball up as the clock winded down to zero and thinking, “What is he doing?” before making sure he was the one to catch it.

“I caught it and got it and never let go,” Blake said. “I still have it at my house hanging up on my wall.”

That 2002 National Championship came up a lot, but everyone was still eager to focus on this year’s team, with the home game against No. 9 Michigan on Sunday looming.

Blake likes how competitive the team is. Joe Smith sees a young team that isn’t letting peoples’ expectations sway them. Walt Williams said he has been impressed this year’s squad and how well they’ve played defensively. To get to the next level though, he thinks they need to be more consistent with scoring on offense.

“I certainly see some great potential in them,” Williams said. “They’re young guys, they’ve got to get in the gym and get those reps, and then hopefully it just falls into rhythm out there in the game.”

Here are the best photos from the evening: