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Fan confidence in Maryland men’s basketball on rise, while it sinks to another low for football

Fan confidence is on the rise — but only for basketball. Football is a different story.

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Maryland men's basketball fans Lila Bromberg / Testudo Times

In August, we asked you to sign up for the SB Nation FanPulse community, where readers will be able to vote for their own college football top 25 poll and also participate in surveys. But don’t worry — if you weren’t able to sign up in time for the Week 11 poll, you can still join to share your input HERE.

And now it’s basketball season, which means you’ll have more to vote on. So if you haven’t signed up and are more invested in Maryland basketball, make sure to do so to give your input!

Let’s start with the more uplifting poll, shall we?

Maryland men’s basketball, ranked No. 7 in the AP Top 25, had fans 84.2 percent confident in the direction of the program to start the season. And now with the Terps 2-0, confidence has risen to 90.5 percent.

As for the football program, fan confidence once again hit a new season low — this time falling to 19.1 percent with the Terps on an five-game losing streak.

Here is the Week 10 Top 25, according to our readers at Testudo Times.

Testudo Times FanPulse Week 11 Poll

Ranking School Record Previous (TT)
Ranking School Record Previous (TT)
1 LSU 12-0 1
1 Ohio State 12-0 2
3 Clemson 12-0 3
4 Georgia 11-1 5
5 Oklahoma 11-1 6
6 Utah 11-1 8
7 Baylor 11-1 7
8 Florida 10-2 9
9 Auburn 9-3 11
10 Alabama 10-2 4
11 Penn State 10-2 10
12 Wisconsin 10-2 16
13 Memphis 11-1 13
14 Oregon 10-2 14
15 Notre Dame 10-2 15
16 Boise State 11-1 20
17 Minnesota 10-2 12
18 App State 11-1 19
19 Michigan 9-3 18
20 Cincinnati 10-2 17
21 Iowa 9-3 21
22 Navy 9-2 22
23 Air Force 10-2 23
24 Virginia 9-3 NR
25 UCF 9-3 NR

Readers put a new team on top this week, giving LSU the No. 1 spot after taking down Alabama 46-41 this past Saturday. With that, the Crimson Tide fall to No. 4, and Ohio State moves up to No. 2 after embarrassing Maryland in a 73-14 victory.

Two teams moved into the top-10 for the first time this season, both with perfect 9-0 records. Baylor is at No. 6 after defeating TCU 29-23, while Minnesota comes in at No. 7 after earning a big victory over Penn State. 31-26.

Virginia Tech comes back into the Top 25 this week at No. 22, replacing San Diego State, which suffered its second loss of the season to Nevada.

Below are the nationwide rankings, which are made from a culmination of the 66 team-site polls.

For the first time in a while, Testudo Times readers and the rest of the network agree on the same top-five teams. And there really aren’t many differences between the two polls this week, besides a few one spot differences further down.

Also, check out network-wide results on the Heisman favorite. LSU’s Joe Burrow is in the lead by a lot currently.

Be sure to sign up if you haven’t already, and get ready to vote in the next poll for both college football and basketball.