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Filed under: has Bruno Fernando as the No. 2 prospect in 2019

It’s far from whatever consensus exists, but will surely catch some eyes.

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Though he’s currently testing the process for 2018, Bruno Fernando’s 2019 NBA Draft prospects are highly thought of by at least one outlet.

In its latest mock of next year’s draft, projects Maryland’s Fernando as the No. 2 prospect, between Duke commit R.J. Barrett at No. 1 and North Carolina commit Nasir Little at No. 3. Their current consensus mock of this year’s draft has Fernando at No. 54.

While incredibly eye-catching, there’s no current consensus on the Angolan center’s draft stock. He’s not ranked in ESPN’s top 100 for 2018 (I’d expect him to be soon) and doesn’t appear on its 2019 mock. While other mock drafts have him somewhere in the first round or unmentioned entirely for 2019.

Fernando’s averages of 10.3 points, 6.5 boards and 1.3 blocks earned him a Big Ten All-Freshman nod. Now he’s looking to capitalize, but it’s hard to peg down what that entails. He could potentially play himself into the late first round of 2018, and worked out with the Atlanta Hawks this week. The Hawks are in an interesting spot, with the lowest of their four picks being No. 33, but the combine is where we expect to get a better understanding of Fernando’s stock. He’s expected to leave if he gets a first-round guarantee, but the lack of consensus for even next year shows why that’s tough.

The uncertainty about whether he’ll go this year or next makes it hard to determine his stock in either draft. However, we know at least one outlet thinks he’s a potential top-five pick next offseason if he returns for one more run with the Terps.