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ouTTakes: Darryl Morsell, Reese Mona on dodgeball, Fortnite, campus life & more

Premiering our new podcast with a wide-ranging discussion about life off the basketball court.

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to ouTTakes, a new Testudo Times podcast that’s here to discuss Maryland sports from a fresh perspective. The show aims to shine a different light on both sports figures and those who cover them, allowing listeners like you to more fully appreciate everyone involved as human beings.

Here’s the full recording:

Up first, I talked to freshman guards Darryl Morsell and Reese Mona about Maryland basketball’s Campus Challenge, which pitted the Terps against different club teams from around campus (UMTerps has more details on that here.) For a group that’s been hard at work all spring after missing the postseason, everyone relished the opportunity to try something different together.

“It was good for us as a team to get away from always just competing and playing against each other on the court and taking it to a different atmosphere,” Mona said. “Overall, I believe everyone had fun, and [it was] just a different experience for us and we got a lot of laughs and a lot of memories from it.”

But our conversation didn’t stop there. We discussed what it’s like being some of the most recognizable figures on campus, their video games of preference and how basketball players do almost everything together. The best content of this whole interview is definitely Morsell explaining at the 14-minute mark how he won in Fortnite with no kills.

“It was three of us left, I’m hiding in the bushes, and both of them shoot rocket launchers at each other and kill each other, and I just happen to sit in the bush and win,” he said.

In the following segment—which we’re calling “From the Stands”—I was joined by fellow managing editors Jared Goldstein and Lamar Johnson, and we each discussed some of our more memorable experiences with athletes on campus. From Jared’s freshman-year Communications class with DJ Moore to the times we’ve randomly run into half the basketball team, there’s some good stuff in here as well.

As in all series, the premiere is something to build on. We’ll tweak and improve this show over time, but we hope you enjoy our first installment.