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Podcast: What can Maryland basketball expect from the rest of the regular season?

It’s been a rough ride, but we’re here to talk about it.

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Wisconsin v Maryland Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

It’s the 106th episode of the Testudo Times podcast, and here we are, still bemoaning Maryland’s road woes as we have all season.

Thomas and Jared joined me on the show to go over these topics and more:

  • What is contributing to Maryland’s road woes, and why has it gone so wrong on the road and in close games after both being strengths for the Terps in recent history?
  • Is there anything left the team can do to salvage the season?
  • How has Brenda Frese taken a team with a short roster on paper and made them into a top 10 team and favorites in the Big Ten again?
  • Commenting on the start of the lacrosse season, including what the women did that is barely believable.
  • Ken Montgomery commits to Maryland on signing day. Which of Maryland’s freshmen may contribute next season?

Thomas and I also give Jared a story idea which we hope he goes for. It would be amazing if he did, and stick around to the end of the show to hear about it. Enjoy the podcast!

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