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Why is Maryland basketball’s Kevin Huerter holding a watermelon?

Making sense of a very confusing picture.

It’s National Watermelon Day. The Maryland basketball team decided to celebrate like ... this.

Consider yourself tagged. But we couldn’t just say nothing. This is too incredible.

Jared: Smile, Kevin! You’re holding a top-five fruit, and undoubtedly the best melon. Also, in case anybody was wondering, Maryland tagged Wisconsin, which is a little odd considering the Badgers beat Maryland last season. I feel like a better school to tag would have been Rutgers. I’m always down to clown on Rutgers. (Sorry, Rutgers.) But anyway, Kevin reminds me of a younger me when I would have staring contests with my older cousins—I always started laughing. He looks like he really wants to deadpan and look mad at the camera but is just too nice to keep a straight face. I bet he started laughing immediately after the camera shuttered.

Lamar: I kind of like it, if not only, for the sheer absurdity of the entire thing. Who a) either had the date marked or b) woke up and saw it on their calendar and thought, "I got this"? Was the watermelon bought ahead of time or snagged from dining services earlier? Is this some inside joke we don't get? This is weird, I have so many questions about why this exists. Kevin looks more confused than all of us.

Thomas: He looks sad. Like he was pressed into this and has had to pose for 17 different shots and is done with the whole thing. Also, I’m not sure how much of this is perspective, but it looks like Kevin and the watermelon are the same width. Imagine going through a whole summer training program and trying to bulk up, and then you get back on campus only to still be skinnier than a watermelon you have to hold for social media. I feel for the guy.