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NBA Draft 2017: Melo Trimble works out with Washington Wizards

The former Maryland guard is vying for a chance to sneak into the draft.

Xavier v Maryland Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Melo Trimble declared for the NBA Draft exactly two months ago. On Tuesday, the former Maryland point guard worked out for his hometown Washington Wizards.

“It went well,” Trimble told reporters afterward. “A lot of running, which is expected with workouts. They made it tough on us [to] see if we were in shape. During the [NBA] game, you have to make shots when you’re tired. It was just a good workout from the start to the finish.”

Trimble and Blackmon were two of the six players at the workout. Washington doesn’t have a first-round pick, but the Wizards have the No. 52 selection in the second round.

This was Trimble’s third team workout so far; he has previously worked out with the Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls. Trimble has workouts scheduled with the Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets next week.

“Last year ... I was in school, coming to these workouts and doing the combine, so I had a lot on my mind, and I just wasn’t clear on what I wanted to do,” Trimble said. “Obviously this year, I signed an agent early, so I was able to have a clear mind about everything and wanted to prove myself at this level. Now when I go to these workouts, I just go in with a free mind and compete.”

Trimble said he’s worked on all aspects of his game since declaring, but has focused on improving his shot from NBA three-point range. He shot 34 percent from beyond the arc during his Maryland career (32 percent last season), and he’ll likely need to improve that number from a longer distance if he wants to stick in the league.

After being able to seek advice from former teammates Dez Wells and Jake Layman during his flirtation with the draft last year, Trimble was able to help Maryland’s Justin Jackson through the process this time around. The two roomed together at the combine, and Trimble urged Jackson to commit mentally to going one way or the other.

“I just told him, ‘Have your mind set on one thing,’” Trimble said. “If you want to go back, just go back. If you don’t, then stay. I had the same problem last year. I was thinking too much, and it affected me going to these workouts and the combine.”

Jackson ultimately returned to Maryland last week, while Trimble still has nearly a month to improve his draft stock. He’s definitely on the Wizards’ radar and has drawn interest elsewhere, but it seems more likely than not he goes undrafted. Either way, he’s preparing to face an uphill battle at the next level.

(H/T Neil Dalal for Trimble’s post-workout audio)