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Here are Melo Trimble and Justin Jackson’s numbers from the NBA Draft Combine

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Melo Trimble and Justin Jackson have finished up at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago, which spanned all of last week. Trimble is done playing for Maryland basketball, as he signed an agent when he declared in March, but Jackson’s future should be clear before long.

It’s tough to definitively evaluate their performances, but the consensus seems to be that while Trimble struggled in scrimmages, Jackson quietly did well for himself. There’s probably a better chance of him leaving now than there was at this time last week, although we can’t really pin down those odds.

That was Jackson’s second 5-on-5 showing of the combine; in his first, he had five points and four boards. Trimble went 0-for-5 with five turnovers in the combine’s first scrimmage, but bounced back to notch 12 points and six assists in his second outing.

Here is everything that had on the combine, with Maryland numbers here.

Combine Measurables

Category Trimble Jackson
Category Trimble Jackson
Height w/o Shoes 6--1.25 6--5.75
Height w/ Shoes 6--2.5 6--7
Standing Reach 7--11.5 8--11
Wingspan 6--2 7--3.25
Weight 195.2 219.4
Hand Length 8 9
Hand Width 8.75 9.5
Body Fat 10.60% 7.10%
Lane Agility Time 10.75 11.78
Shuttle Run 2.92 3.08
3/4 Sprint 3.27 3.43
Standing Vertical 24.5 26.5
Max Vertical 32 31.5

Combine Shooting

Spot Trimble Jackson
Spot Trimble Jackson
NBA Break Left 60.0 20.0
NBA Break Right 20.0 40.0
NBA Corner Left 60.0 80.0
NBA Corner Right 80.0 80.0
NBA Top Key 60.0 60.0
College Break Left 100.0 83.3
College Break Right 80.0 80.0
College Corner Left 80.0 100.0
College Corner Right 100.0 80.0
College Top Key 40.0 40.0
Off Dribble College Break Left 66.7
Off Dribble College Break Right 66.7
Off Dribble College Top Key 66.7
Off Dribble 15 Break Left 83.3
Off Dribble 15 Break Right 66.7
Off Dribble 15 Top Key 50.0
On the Move College 3 66.7
On the Move 15 63.9

And here’s them talking to various outlets:

And if you’re one who enjoys cryptic tweets...

In other news

Maryland men’s and women’s lacrosse are both in the NCAA Tournament quarterfinals after wins on Sunday.

The baseball team struggled against Northwestern, dropping the final two games of the weekend series.

Maryland softball was bad (like, 11-39-1 bad) this season. The Terps didn’t sniff the NCAA Tournament field, but there are a few things to be somewhat optimistic about.

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all. Here’s some holiday-relevant Maryland content.