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Jaylen Brantley’s transfer means breaking up Maryland’s great locker room duo

Brantley and Jared Nickens weren’t the most iconic duo, but they were fun.

Jaylen Brantley announced Monday that he will be leaving Maryland basketball as a grad transfer. This further affects the Terps’ depth at guard, which once looked to be a strong suit, as well as opens up a third scholarship.

Off the court, this will break up Brantley and Jared Nickens, the duo that made the Running Man Challenge go viral. Along the way, their internet fame took them to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the ESPYs, and just about everywhere else.

Brantley’s transfer means we won’t be seeing this duo on any more of Maryland basketball’s marketing videos. Nickens is still here, but he and Brantley had the kind of chemistry you can’t teach. Look at how flawlessly they worked together doing the running man on Ellen.

With Brantley transferring and Damonte Dodd graduating, it will be on Nickens and walk-on Andrew Terrell to keep the locker room light. Brantley is off to pursue a larger role and greener pastures. Let’s remember the levity he helped bring to the locker room and pour one out for a memorable duo.