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Join our bracket challenge and show us how you’re smarter than the Testudo Times staff

This is March.

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends. Here at Testudo Times, we’re doing a bracket challenge, and we’d love you to join. This Is March, after all.

You can sign up here. Invite your friends, parents, coworkers or whoever. We want this to be as big as it can be, and we’ll need your help.

This prize? Something just barely bigger than bragging rights. We’re just a bunch of college kids, and we don’t have big-ticket items to offer you. We’ll sing your praises in one tweet, one Facebook post and on one episode of our podcast. These are things money can’t buy, anyway.

Since it’s free, you can do whatever you want. Have Maryland going all the way? That’s fine. Got Duke losing in the first round? Also definitely fine. You can only submit one bracket to our group, though, so think about it before you you do.

Luckily, you have some time to think about things. Selection Sunday isn’t until this weekend, and the NCAA Tournament’s First Four doesn’t start until Tuesday. Take your time (or don’t), and see if you can beat us. Just remember: the person who wins the bracket challenge is the person who knows the most about college basketball. That’s how these things work.