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Maryland basketball gave out actual ‘Melo Mixtapes’ at the Michigan State game

There’s a whole website too.

A couple days ago, we wrote about Maryland basketball making a second Melo Trimble tribute.

Apparently they haven’t been using the phrase “mixtape” facetiously. The team had physical copies for the media ahead of Saturday’s season finale against Michigan State.

If you follow the link on the inside cover, it brings you to a whole “Stay Melo” page on the actual internet. The only two songs on the mixtape are still the one’s we’ve heard already: there’s the Lionel Richie “Hello” cover, that followed up their original Melo-themed cover of Adele’s “Hello.” Both songs are available on the site for free download.

The team’s official website takes a page to commend Melo’s 2016-17 season accomplishments (it’s almost like “Stay Melo” is more a plea than a saying). My personal favorite part of the site might be the “Expert Reviews” section, where the Terps got various college basketball experts’ takes on Melo’s game. Here’s a peek at what they had to say:

Stay Melo, everyone.