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Melo Trimble left a legacy at Maryland and in the animal kingdom

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

Xavier v Maryland Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Melo Trimble’s Maryland career is over, as he declared for the 2017 NBA Draft and hired an agent Wednesday morning.

Trimble had an incredible three-year run as the star of the Terrapins, leading Maryland to three straight NCAA Tournament appearances and earning all-conference honors every season. If you were the type to name a pet after your favorite athlete, Trimble was the choice.

Which gave us an idea...

As a result of this tweet, several good dogs entered our mentions and it was great.

(Let’s give Connor a pass here.)

We also met several wonderful Melos of all shapes and sizes.

In other news

Trimble’s departure prompted two columns on this website yesterday. Here’s Ryan on why he made the right decision, and here’s Matt on why he was so important to Maryland.

It also led to Andrew Terrell’s glorious Instagram farewell of Trimble highlights set to Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You.”

Oh, by the way, Micah Thomas is leaving the program, too.

That leaves two scholarships available for next season. Expect Mark Turgeon to ramp up his recruitment of five-star guard MJ Walker, who’s still considering the Terps.

Also, football had its pro day yesterday afternoon. Will Likely is back on the field and looking pretty good.

Top-ranked Maryland women’s lacrosse looked really good in an 18-8 decimation of No. 3 Florida.

Our latest baseball roundtable touched on why the Terps aren’t back in the polls yet, among other topics from the past week.

Shatori Walker-Kimbrough will represent Maryland in the college three-point contest tonight on ESPN.

(Exhales) Got all that? Good. It was a wild day for all of us.