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Maryland walk-on Andrew Terrell had the best Instagram farewell to Melo Trimble

“I will remember yooouuuuu”

Melo Trimble is gone, which means his Maryland teammates now have to deal with the departure of one of their leaders and friends.

Walk-on guard Andrew Terrell is usually the best at these sort of things, and he didn’t disappoint with this one.

Until next time playa ... until next time ✌ ✊ . Proud of you, son. @olem__

A post shared by Andrew Terrell (@a.terrell24) on

Yes, that is just about every major highlight from Trimble’s Maryland career as Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You” plays in the background.

Now, to be fair, Terrell will still be able to hang out with his teammate a little while longer. Trimble is reportedly leaving to train in Las Vegas on April 10, so he has just over a week left in College Park.

But Terrell wasn’t the only one to post a public goodbye after Trimble declared for the draft.

Here’s his coach, Mark Turgeon:

Fellow guard Jaylen Brantley:

Trimble made quite an impact on Maryland during his time in College Park. But for the guys he played, practiced and lived with, this has to be a truly emotional time.