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Maryland basketball scholarship chart, with Sean Obi on board

The Terps have two scholarships open.

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Minnesota Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland basketball just lost one of its brightest stars in a decade, but coach Mark Turgeon has shaped up his team’s roster to withstand any individual departure.

This page is set up to be a continuous resource fans can come back to as players come and go. It’s unofficial because we don’t know the status of every single player’s scholarship or plans for after school.

Melo Trimble has officially left Maryland for the pros, and Jaylen Brantley and Micah Thomas are transferring, so they’re no longer included in this version. Sean Obi’s now transferring to the program, which Maryland now has two scholarships to give out. This is what you’re looking at for 2017-18 and beyond.

Seniors are red, juniors are gold, sophomores are black and freshmen are pink(ish). Here’s how Maryland’s roster looks, by our unofficial count: