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Don’t forget to join the Testudo Times bracket challenge

Now that we know what the field of 68 looks like, it’s time to start making your picks.

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Wisconsin Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

The selection committee announced the NCAA Tournament bracket on Sunday, which means you only have until Thursday to finalize your bracket.

If you haven’t joined our bracket game, now’s an excellent time to do so. We want as many people in this thing as possible, so tell your friends, your parents, your pets and that guy who lives in the apartment above you who won’t stop blasting Toto’s "Africa" at 3 a.m. The more people who join, the better you’ll feel when you win it all.

What do you win? Well, we can’t give you anything physical to take home. We’re just a bunch of college kids, so we don’t have any extra money just lying around. What we can offer you is our sincere congratulations on our Twitter and Facebook accounts and our podcast after you win. We hope that’s enough!

So get to work figuring out your Sweet Sixteen, Final Four and national champion. And don’t be afraid to take until right up to the deadline to make your final decision. I probably will too!