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Maryland fans did their annual flash mob during the Terps’ loss to Iowa

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

Maryland basketball’s loss to Iowa put the Terps at 22-7 in a weak Big Ten conference. But more importantly, it dropped them to 2-3 all-time in flash mob games.

Here’s this year’s dance:

The Terps had great luck in flash mob games, winning against Duke, losing against Syracuse, beating Wisconsin then losing to the Badgers and now losing to Iowa.

Here’s what Maryland fans have previously done:

In other news

Maryland women’s basketball crushed Minnesota on Senior Day. Fittingly, Shatori Walker-Kimbrough and Brionna Jones dominated before their jerseys went up in the rafters.

After the win, the Terps officially grabbed the No. 2-seed in the Big Ten Tournament. (Everyone say hello to Lamar Johnson, who wrote this article and is coming on as one of our editors. You can find him on Twitter @im_lamar)

Maryland men’s basketball looked lost against Iowa, and has two games left before the Big Ten Tournament to figure things out.

Maryland women’s lacrosse beat No. 1 North Carolina, the team that denied the Terps in last year’s National Championship.

Maryland men’s lacrosse survived two rain delays to beat Yale.

Maryland baseball got swept by LSU.

*Oops: This article previously said Maryland was 3-2 in flash mob games. That number is actually 2-3. My apologies.