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Maryland basketball to honor 2001, 2002 teams at halftime vs. Iowa

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

Gary Williams

We’re approaching the 15-year anniversary of Maryland basketball’s 2002 championship, and the program will hold a ceremony for its two most iconic squads Saturday.

The 2001 Final Four team and the 2002 title team will be honored at halftime of the Terps’ game Saturday against Iowa. Gary Williams and several players and coaches from those teams will be on hand.

Saturday’s contest tips off at 6 p.m. ET, as the Terps will look to snap a two-game losing streak.

In other news

Maryland lost to Minnesota Wednesday, but our Sarah Sopher was there to take some photos that are still worth checking out.

The Terps faded on both ends of the floor in that loss.

However, they’re still in a decent position for a bye in the Big Ten tournament.

Ivan Bender scored his career-high 15 points “for Ceko,” writes Don Markus.

And the Diamondback’s Kyle Stackpole went in-depth on Jaylen Brantley, who bounced around from school to school and overcame plenty of personal adversity before landing on his feet in College Park.