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Maryland still has a good shot at keeping a top-4 seed in the Big Ten Tournament

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Maryland Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland basketball’s loss to Minnesota Tuesday night was a letdown for a team that had just returned from two hard road games, but it doesn’t have to make much of an effect on the Terps’ season.

Keeping a top-four seed in the Big Ten Tournament seemed assured a few weeks ago, and that hasn’t necessarily changed. Staying in the top four means Maryland would have a first-round bye in the tournament, and that still seems likely.

Big Ten Standings

Team Overall Conf Proj AdjO AdjD AdjT Conf SOS Next Game
Team Overall Conf Proj AdjO AdjD AdjT Conf SOS Next Game
Purdue 23-5 12-3 14-4 117.9 92.8 69.9 11.53 Sat, at Michigan 4:00 PM
Wisconsin 22-5 11-3 14-4 114.5 90.8 64.1 12.56 Thu, at Ohio St. 9:00 PM
Maryland 22-6 10-5 12-6 113.7 97.8 68.8 13.7 Sat, vs Iowa 6:00 PM
Minnesota 21-7 9-6 11-7 109.8 92.9 70 13.83 Sat, vs Penn St. 3:00 PM
Northwestern 20-8 9-6 10-8 111.6 96 66.4 12.1 Sat, at Indiana 8:00 PM
Michigan St. 16-11 8-6 10-8 109.4 96.4 67.8 13.98 Thu, vs Nebraska 7:00 PM
Michigan 18-10 8-7 9-9 119.8 101.4 63.4 12.27 Sat, vs Purdue 4:00 PM
Iowa 15-13 7-8 8-10 112.1 102.9 72.4 12.71 Sat, at Maryland 6:00 PM
Nebraska 12-14 6-8 7-11 106.8 98.2 68.5 13.55 Thu, at Michigan St. 7:00 PM
Illinois 16-12 6-9 8-10 108.1 97.6 67 14.3 Sun, at Nebraska 7:30 PM
Penn St. 14-14 6-9 7-11 105.3 96.6 71.7 14.07 Sat, at Minnesota 3:00 PM
Indiana 15-13 5-10 6-12 116.2 101.8 68.9 14.03 Sat, vs Northwestern 8:00 PM
Ohio St. 15-13 5-10 6-12 110.7 100 68.7 14.52 Thu, vs Wisconsin 9:00 PM
Rutgers 13-16 2-14 3-15 101.4 98.2 67.7 15.35 Tue, vs Maryland 6:30 PM

Maryland sits third in the conference at the moment, and its schedule really doesn’t look bad. With only games at home against Iowa, at Rutgers and at home against Michigan State left on the schedule, a 3-0 record is certainly attainable.

With Wisconsin and Purdue virtual locks in the top two spots, that leaves two challengers contending with Maryland for the last two first-round byes. Northwestern and Minnesota are both waiting for the Terps to fall, but both would have to surpass Maryland for the Terps to miss out on that first-round bye.

This would be especially hard for Northwestern. The Wildcats play Indiana, Michigan and Purdue to end the season. Minnesota’s schedule is easier, with Penn State and Nebraska lurking before a showdown with Wisconsin to end it.

Maryland isn’t assured a top-four spot, but it’s hard to see it slipping away just yet.

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