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Highlights from Maryland Madness 2017

It was a night filled with dabs and buckets.

Maryland basketball put on its annual Maryland Madness event Saturday evening complete with a couple of intrasquad scrimmages, a men’s team vs. women’s team dance-off and several missed half-court shots that would have won the crowd prizes.

It was a fun, light-hearted evening and we were going to have serious takeaways, but dancing and the lack of seriousness of the scrimmages threw a wrench in those plans. Instead, here are our live thoughts of the ongoings of the event:


If you thought dabbing was over when Cam Newton moved on to other touchdown celebrations, you were gravely mistaken. The dab is still very much alive, but it is not well.

Brenda Freese dabbed!

People dancing in the crowd dabbed.

Players and young children interviewers dabbed.

It was a dab-fest. Take that as you will.

From the women’s scrimmage

Kristen Confroy hasn’t missed a beat as the team’s three-point threat. She showed her smooth stroke in the final shot of the scrimmage, and it’s something the team will rely on until another shooter emerges.

Other than that, there wasn’t really a lot to see. Both sides pushed the tempo, but there wasn’t a lot of discipline on either side. That should change when the games start. It was nice to see that the main philosophy hasn’t changed, as this team will still try to push the ball and attack the basket as much as possible.

The between-scrimmages dance-off

This was truly the most exciting part of the evening. Kaila Charles and Brianna Fraser took on Bruno Fernando and Darryl Morsell to the tune of today’s hottest tracks. Despite Morsell’s big, contagious smile and Fernando’s decided size advantage, the women were clearly the better dancers, even though the PA announcer decided the crowd cheered louder for the men. (It didn’t.)

Perhaps the best part of the dance-off was the guest dancers. Children took the court with the basketball teams and put on a heck of a show.

Conclusion: hope that each team succeeds this year, because that’ll likely mean more dancing, which will almost certainly put a smile on your face.

From the men’s scrimmage

There’s not really a lot to take away from an intrasquad scrimmage that lasts 10 minutes with minimal offensive or defensive effort, but we did our best.

It looks like Michal Cekovsky really put in work with Kyle Tarp this offseason. Around these parts, we like to say “HE GOT TARPED.” No seriously, look at him.

Based on how the teams were split, it appears Morsell will be a primary ball handler. Anthony Cowan can’t play all 40 minutes of every game, so when he’s on the bench, it seems like the ball will be in the freshman’s hands. He looked aggressive, ultra-athletic and agile, even in the short mini game.

That being said, Cowan looks just as fast—if not faster—as last year. The sophomore point guard blazed down the floor for layups on back-to-back possessions in the middle of the scrimmage, perhaps giving us a glimpse of what Maryland’s offense will look like with him running the show.

That Maryland offense ran a few sets we’ve never seen before. With an odd angle and without the benefit of replay, we don’t know exactly what these sets were, but there were two very new, not-three-man-weave-into-a-pick-and-roll plays that the Terps ran. Each led to a made basket.

Cekovsky perfectly timed a missed shot on the offensive end and skied up for a thunderous put-back dunk. It’s his senior year in College Park, and he’ll surely want to go out with a bang. Perhaps this was some foreshadowing for what’s to come.