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No one expected Maryland basketball to be this good. Now what?

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It's the 72nd episode of the Testudo Times Podcast, and the Terps just keep on rolling, now on to their best start since 1999.

Ryan and Thomas join me to look at how this group has done it and:

- Is Maryland's success becoming more and more attributable to the B1G's lack of quality this season?

- How will Mark Turgeon juggle his lineup now that Dion Wiley and Michal Cekovsky back and healthy?

- Will a win over Minnesota (and a fourth straight conference road win) say something bigger about this team, or is it a more "normal" win?

We also looked at the end of football's recruiting period, and we went over:

- Does Maryland have a better chance at Castro-Fields and McFarland now that they've delayed their commitment announcements?

- Are there any other players that could be coming, or even going?

We also looked at the continued success of the women's team and how they're inexplicably a three seed on the selection committee's first S-curve. Enjoy the show!

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