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Is Maryland basketball overachieving?

The Terps are winning more often than expected.

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It's the 71st episode of the Testudo Times Podcast, and we're talking about a very important question more than halfway through the Terps basketball season: just how good are they?

Ryan and Matt joined me to go over these topics and more:

- Are these Terps overachieving with their record, or is it something else?

- How have they done this with injuries derailing the possibility of a fully healthy lineup all season?

- Is this the best coaching job Mark Turgeon has done yet in College Park?

- Where does this fast start place the Terps in the suddenly mediocre B1G?

- What should we be looking for when the Terps play Iowa?

It's an exciting time to be a Maryland fan, considering the team is in many ways overachieving but in others maybe they are ahead of schedule. That makes for some fun times. We also very briefly touched on some football and women's hoops miscellany as well. Enjoy the show!

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