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NBA Mock Draft 2016: Maryland basketball likely to have 3 players selected

Diamond Stone, Robert Carter Jr. and Jake Layman are all, it seems, in good position to get picked.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

With less than two days remaining until Thursday's NBA Draft, three former Maryland basketball players are positioned to be picked on DraftExpress' mock draft.

The list has Diamond Stone going No. 29 overall to the San Antonio Spurs, Robert Carter Jr. No. 46 to the Dallas Mavericks and Jake Layman returning close to home with the Boston Celtics at No. 51. Layman is from Wrentham, Mass.

The biggest event for Maryland on Thursday will be watching where Diamond Stone lands and if he does indeed get picked in the first round. There's a chance he slips and falls into a zone nobody thought he'd end up in, but shows the nature of the new NBA and what it thinks of offensive-minded centers no matter how talented. Stone's got a lot of NBA upside on offense, in particular, though he's an unfinished product.

After Stone's name is called, the wait will begin to see where Carter or Layman land. Both should be selected.

It isn't the night most thought it would be at the beginning of the season when Stone, Melo Trimble and Layman were all appearing in the first round of mock drafts, but this day will mark the start for at least three Terrapins destined to touch an NBA court.