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Watch Maryland basketball's Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley perform the Running Man Challenge on the Ellen Show

The sophomores made the dance go viral weeks ago.

Maryland basketball's dancing sophomore duo Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens are appearing on the Ellen Show Tuesday to perform the dance they made famous, the Running Man Challenge.

"We dance everyday for our teammates in the locker room, we're the goofballs, so we were like 'hey let's make a video for everybody to laugh,'" Brantley told Ellen.

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Before they broke out into dance, Ellen handed them each a pair of underwear customized with their name and number on the back as a gift.

The two were then given the floor alongside the two guys who created the dance to showcase their skills, and oh my, Jared and Jaylen did the one where they bring Jaylen back to life.

Nickens and Brantley kept busy in their west coast trip too.

Nickens was seen with the rapper "The Game," and the two also met up with their former teammates Robert Carter Jr. and Richaud Pack.

The guys. ✊

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The two have an entire offseason ahead of them, where will they take this dance next?