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Maryland basketball players will appear with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss Running Man Challenge

This will probably be fun.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Maryland basketball players Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on NBC on Tuesday, as part of the continuing viral sensation that is Maryland's "Running Man Challenge."

Brantley and Nickens inspired what's become an international fad when they posted a video of themselves dancing to "My Boo," a 20-year-old song by some music group you've either never heard of or had forgotten existed: Ghost Town DJs. Other college basketball players, including former Maryland guard Seth Allen, caught on, and the thing has now reached every corner of the sports and entertainment world. It's become a legitimate thing, and it all started with Maryland. (The real press behind it even started with our own Matt Ellentuck's writing about it for SB Nation.)

Nickens and Brantley left College Park early Sunday morning and filmed with DeGeneres on Monday. In the Maryland market, you can watch the result on WRC-4 (NBC- Washington) at 3 p.m. ET and on WBAL-11 (NBC-Baltimore) at 4 p.m. If there's one thing we know about Ellen, it's that she's probably going to dance with them.