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NBA Draft 2016: Maryland basketball's Melo Trimble could miss 1st round but leave anyway

News from the NBA Draft Combine hasn't been great for Trimble's draft hopes, but he could still forge ahead.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Maryland point guard Melo Trimble took a tumble out of DraftExpress' mock draft on Sunday after a shaky showing last week's NBA Draft Combine. The same outlet previously projected him to go 38th overall in the draft.

In five-on-five scrimmages Trimble looked a little lost, struggling to create offense for himself or his teammates. On Thursday he shot 2-for-8 with 5 points and 2 assists in a blowout 40-point loss. On Friday he was a little better, going 4-for-10 with 10 points and 4 assists, but his stock took a hit due to the combination of poor play and weak measurables.

Trimble checked in at 6'2.5 with a 6'2 wingspan, the same length as 5'10 Kentucky point guard Tyler Ulis. He did test well in the agility drills, finishing with the third quickest shuttle run.

"Just somewhere in the first round," he told Adam Zagoria about where he hoped to land. "I would be happy to be early second. You look at players in the league like Isaiah Thomas and Draymond Green, they were in the second round. Isaiah was the last pick and you see what hard work gets you. And the other things don't matter, it's just how hard you keep working."

But now the second round is seeming less likely. Trimble has made an assortment of "should go back to school lists."

He still has 10 days to make his decision, and at the combine told Andy Katz there was a 50-50 chance he'd be back. He's certainly put thought into returning.

"We could be really good," he told Zagoria. "I think it's good that people will doubt us because we're not going to have all the returners back, but in my freshman year we had a lot of people doubting us and we turned it around and we made it to the tournament. With the hard work that they're going to do this summer, and if I'm there that we're going to do this summer and the fall, I mean anything can happen."

For now, Trimble will finish his final exams at Maryland and continue to work out with teams, hoping someone will take a liking to his even demeanor and the talent he's displayed throughout the past two years in a Terrapins uniform.

At the combine he met with the Knicks, Mavericks, Pelicans, 76ers, Hornets, Nuggets and Lakers according to Zagoria.

He has a workout scheduled with the Pacers on Tuesday, Bucks on Thursday and three future workouts scheduled with the Spurs, Hawks and 76ers, per the report.

Trimble needs to make a final decision on whether he'll stay in the draft over the next 10 days.