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NBA Draft Combine 2016 testing: Maryland basketball's Melo Trimble, Jake Layman, Diamond Stone, Robert Carter Jr. measure in

Here's the data from Maryland players' tests at the scouting combine.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland basketball sent four players to this year's NBA Draft Combine, which completed its first day with players taking measurements and starting the interview process. The Terrapins and Kentucky Wildcats tie as the most represented college teams at the event, which had more than 70 invitees this year.

Here's how the Terps measured in:

Robert Carter Jr.
Standing Reach - 8'10.5
Wingspan - 7'3.25
Height with shoes - 6'8.5
Height without shoes - 6'6.75
Weight - 250.6 pounds
Body Fat - 12.45 percent
Hand Width - 9.00
Hand Length - 8.75

Jake Layman
Standing Reach - 8'6
Wingspan - 6'9.25
Height with shoes - 6'9.25"
Height without shoes - 6'8"
Weight - 208.6
Body Fat - 7.10 percent
Hand Width - 9.25
Hand Length - 8.25

Diamond Stone
Standing Reach - 9'0.5
Wingspan - 7'2.5
Height with shoes - 6'10.25
Height without shoes - 6'9
Weight - 254.4
Body Fat - 12.85 percent
Hand Width - 7.75
Hand Length - 8.50

Melo Trimble
Standing Reach - 7'8.25"
Wingspan - 6'2"
Height with shoes - 6'2.5
Height without shoes - 6'1.25
Weight - 191.8
Body Fat - 8.35 percent
Hand Width - 8.75
Hand Length - 8.00

The full list can be seen here.

Some takeaways:

1. Diamond Stone has very small hands. Only two players measured in with a hand length under eight inches, with Stone being one and Tyler Ulis, who stands 5'10 with shoes on, being the other.

2. Jake Layman came in significantly lighter than advertised. The senior has had a focus on weight gain, but weighed in 12 pounds less than his advertised 220.

3. Melo Trimble's measurables were underwhelming, as expected. He's a rare example of the type of player that outplays his dimensions. His wingspan is equal to Ulis', who stands four inches shorter, but is expected to be a first-round pick.

4. It's just numbers. These players have time to show off in various drills, scrimmages and workouts over the next few weeks.