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Testudo Times Podcast #43: Recapping Maryland basketball's season

The Terps concluded their most hyped season in a long time. We talked about it.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It's the 43rd edition of the Testudo Times Podcast, and sadly, Maryland's basketball season is over. I'm sad.

Alex Kirshner and Ryan Connors joined me to parse over these topics:

- What went wrong against Kansas?

- Is this season a success, not a success, or somewhere in the murky limbo between those two?

- The way too early prognostications on whether Robert Carter, Melo Trimble and Diamond Stone make the jump to the NBA or stay in College Park.

- And who is for sure going to be a Maryland Terrapin come November?

I apologize if Alex and Ryan sound a little different than they normally do, I had to change up my method of recording audio due to some tech problems on my end that I've had trouble resolving, I likely won't do that again unless I have to. With that said, the discussions are still up to their normal quality, so make sure to rate/subscribe and comment about the show on iTunes, Soundcloud and in the comments section below. The only way we can get better is from feedback from you guys.

Happy listening!