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NCAA Tournament 2016: Maryland's win vs. Hawaii is worthy of celebration

Our Facebook Live segment on Maryland's win, plus a few thoughts.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

After Maryland advanced to the Sweet 16 with a win on Sunday against Hawaii, I hopped on Facebook Live to provide some takes just as they were coming out of the oven. Here's that segment (with a very flattering screencap):

The Maryland Terrapins have already accomplished something special.

Posted by Testudo Times on Sunday, March 20, 2016

I touch on a lot of things that were probably pretty obvious to anyone who watched the game: Maryland did a few things really badly, namely three-point shooting (1-of-18, in a freak occurrence that won't happen again) and defensive rebounding (giving up 16 offensive boards to the Rainbow Warriors). Those things are bad. It's also not transcendent that Maryland beat a 12 seed and a 13 seed to get onward in the NCAA Tournament.

But, you know what? Let's step back from cynicism for just one night. Maryland, no matter its imperfections or its path here, is playing in the Sweet 16 on Thursday night. The Terrapins are over the moon, and they should be. They could get crushed on Thursday, and they'd still have something concrete to show for their season. They'll hang a banner in Xfinity Center, and they'll always be the first Maryland team since 2003 to get this far into the Big Dance.

Later this week, we'll fret about Kansas. Right now, let's just appreciate Maryland.