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NCAA Tournament: President Obama picks Maryland to lose in Sweet 16 to Kansas

The president likes Maryland, but not too much.


In the last bracket of his eight-year term, President Obama is picking the Maryland men's basketball team to reach the Sweet 16 in this month's NCAA Tournament. He doesn't think they'll go farther than that, however.

Obama has Maryland losing to eventual national champion Kansas after beating No. 13 seed Hawaii in the round of 32. Obama was born in Hawaii, so perhaps it shouldn't surprise us that he picked the Rainbow Warriors to upset Cal and set up a second-round matchup with the Terps.

UPDATE: A wrinkle! Obama picked Hawaii on TV, but was he having second thoughts in his printed bracket?

The president has a Final Four of Kansas, Texas A&M, North Carolina and Michigan State. That's fairly basic, with the exception of the Aggies, who aren't and won't be a popular Final Four pick. It'll be fairly depressing if two of Mark Turgeon's former teams (Kansas and Texas A&M) make the last four while Maryland doesn't, though.

On the whole, this is a respectable-looking bracket. Right?

Here's full video of Obama's picks.