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Wale drops Melo Trimble’s name in new song ‘Groundhog Day’

“I’m a Terrapin mellow trembling.”

NCAA Basketball: Pittsburgh at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Rapper and D.C. native Wale dropped Maryland guard Melo Trimble’s name in his latest song “Groundhog Day.”

My therapist terrible, I’m a Terrapin mellow trembling.

The song was made in response to J. Cole’s “False Prophets,” and a play on Trimble’s last name fit the mood of this one.

“I heard about it on Twitter,” Trimble said after Saturday’s win against Oklahoma State. “And of course a lot of people kept mentioning it to me, and of course I listened to it over and over again.”

The Terrapins’ junior star didn’t listen to it during warmups, but had a plan in mind shortly after he hit the game-winning free throws to squeeze out a 71-70 thriller.

“After this game, hopefully I’ll find a good picture and I’ll post it and I’ll put the lines up.”

"My therapist terrible , I'm uh Terp Melo Trimbling" @wale

A photo posted by Melo Trimble (@olem__) on

The Terps have found themselves quite a bit of fame in 2016, of course taking the country by storm with Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley’s “Running Man Challenge” in the spring.

Trimble is averaging a career-best 19 points through nine games and has been the team’s go-to on the way to six wins by six points or less this season.