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Melo Trimble turned his ankle in exhibition, but Maryland says it’s ‘nothing serious’

He’ll miss “a few days,” the team says.

Maryland basketball’s Melo Trimble turned his ankle in the first half of the Terps’ exhibition game against Catawba on Saturday. The star point guard will not return to the game and is expected to “miss a few days,” according to a Maryland spokesperson, who added that it’s “nothing serious.”

After the game, Mark Turgeon told reporters, “Melo’s going to be fine. If this was a big game, Melo would’ve played. I guess they call it a grade-one ankle sprain, so we’ve got to get him ready for Friday.”

Here’s the play:

He didn’t return to the bench at the start of the second half.

Maryland was already playing without sophomore Ivan Bender, who fractured his wrist, and junior center Michal Cekovsky, who injured his foot. This isn’t the start the Terps were hoping for, especially after the team lost Dion Wiley for the season last year with a torn meniscus. But Trimble’s injury doesn’t appear to be a long-term issue.

The Terrapins led Catwaba College 50-24 at the half, and the plethora of injuries at the very least gave the team’s fresh faces a chance to see the floor more for the first time at Xfinity Center.