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Maryland basketball walk-on Kent Auslander enters his second season with the Terps

Our Profiles in Terpage series continues with a walk-on who’s in his second year with the team.

Scenes from 2016 Maryland Madness Sammi Silber / Testudo Times

Maryland basketball kicks off its season against American on Nov. 11. Until then, we’re profiling every member of the team.

Kent Auslander, guard

Height: 6’6

Weight: 200 pounds

Year: Sophomore

High school: Herndon High School (Va.)

Jersey No.: 32

How Auslander got to College Park

Auslander’s actually a junior at Maryland, but he’s only listed as a sophomore on the roster because this is only his second year on the team. He didn’t join the team during his first year at school because he was waiting on a scholarship offer from Mount St. Mary’s that never came. He’s following in the footsteps of his brother John, now an assistant coach, who was a walk-on at Maryland from 2010-2014.

2016-17 prospectus

As a walk-on, Auslander’s role at Maryland is obviously different than most of the other players we’re previewing. His role is still an important one, as he helps shape the scholarship players during practice. But he’s not going to play very many minutes. Like fellow walk-on Travis Valmon, he’ll probably only see the court during the final minutes of blowout wins.

Dream season

Obviously Auslander’s dream would be to make an impact we on the outside can all see, but the reality is that his role will come almost entirely during practice. He can still hope to make some highlights during one of the team’s blowout victories early in the season, though.

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