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Maryland basketball coach Mark Turgeon ‘contemplating’ redshirting freshmen Micah Thomas, Joshua Tomaic

The freshmen didn’t see the floor in Maryland’s first blowout.

Matt Ellentuck / Testudo Times

Maryland used 12 players in its 48-point win over St. Mary’s College on Thursday, but freshmen Micah Thomas and Joshua Tomaic didn’t join the fray.

Head coach Mark Turgeon told reporters after the game that he is “contemplating” redshirting the two. Both players are seen as projects, and neither is expected to earn significant minutes this season.

“It’s too early to tell,” Turgeon said.

Thomas is a lanky forward who Turgeon has said can be one of the team’s best defenders in the future. Tomaic, from the Canary Islands in Spain, committed to the Terps in June, a surprise addition to the team’s freshman class. Both are notable for their long wingspans (Thomas’ is 7’2, while Tomaic’s is 7’1).

Turgeon doesn’t have to declare that he’s redshirting a player—if one or both of the freshmen sit out the whole year, they’ll still be eligible for another four years.

The last Terp to redshirt was Ivan Bender in 2014-15, but that was because he joined the program in January during the season.