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Here is a completely pointless interview with Maryland walk-on Andrew Terrell

He gives us some insight on the sled drill that made almost everyone on the team throw up.

Scenes From Maryland's 95-61 Win Over Catawba Sammi Silber / Testudo Times

Maryland basketball’s Andrew Terrell, the sophomore 5’10 walk-on with a towel, is an unbelievably fun character. He hardly ever plays. He scored all of three points last season. But he embraced his role and very quickly became a favorite in the locker room.

Terrell is the host of his own Maryland basketball show, but because, well, he doesn’t put up overwhelming stats, the media rarely gets to see him. So I took advantage of the opportunity when I saw him at Maryland’s media day a few weeks ago. You are absolutely welcome.

*Interview is about to begin. Andrew calls over for his towel. He catches it and places it around his neck*

Testudo Times: Your towel, L.G [Gill’s] headband. Are they similar items?

Sammi Silber / Testudo Times

Andrew Terrell: Yeah, he really likes the headband for some reason. He’s just trying to follow after his father — I’m his father. He lives in my room, he saw the towel and knew the magic of it and what it stood for so he tried to create something of his own. I don’t know if I like it or not.

[Of note, Terrell claims to be the father of Melo Trimble and Anthony Cowan as well]

TT: Is it sort of like a mimic dad-son type of thing?

AT: Exactly. He wants to try and follow in his father’s footsteps a little. But you can’t play with the towel, ya know?

TT: Have you been re-watching your three-point shot against Rhode Island last year?

AT: Oh I watch it every single night. Every single night.

TT: Has it been your phone background before?

AT: Well every time I open it, it actually just goes straight to the video. I’ve got it on my Xbox One. It’s right when I press “on.” It’s right there. I watch it before I go to sleep and when I sleep I have good dreams.

TT: Have you picked a spot on the calendar where you’re like “that’s where it’s going to happen again?”

AT: I’m pretty sure we’re gonna make it rain, ehh, about 10 or 15 times here in the Xfinity Center.

TT: You personally?

AT: Yeah. I haven’t actually hit a shot here in Xfinity Center. For the crowd that’s going to be the main objective this year.

TT: I wanted to ask about the new guys. Have they fit in with your weird personalities?

AT: They’re just as weird as all of us. They’re the exact same as us. Everybody gets along really well and nobody has any ego.

TT: I wanted to ask about the sled drill you did over the summer. It sounds like maybe the top-five worst thing that could happen.

AT: It’s sleds, but it’s on the loading dock on pavement. The thing is, it doesn’t really slide that well. You put weights on it and you slide it up the hill and back down the hill and it is up there with the top 10 hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

TT: How soon did the vomiting start?

AT: For me it hit about 45 minutes after. I was a late bloomer. For others it hit immediately. For some of the new guys, we have a rain gutter, and they were just yackin’ into the rain gutter.

TT: Did anybody make it out alive?

AT: Melo made it out alive. Damonte always make it out alive.

TT: So I guess it’s just seniority. You just work your way up.

AT: Exactly. You just stop throwing up.

TT: Thanks.

AT: Alright see ya around *flings towel over shoulder, daps me up, walks off*

There’s one last thing you need to know about Terrell, and this comes straight from Damonte Dodd. Terrell doesn’t wear compression shorts. He just wears regular underwear.

This is why we blog.