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Melo Trimble will be Maryland basketball’s anchor this season

Profiles in Terpage continues with the Terps’ star point guard.

Scenes From Maryland's 95-61 Win Over Catawba Sammi Silber / Testudo Times

Maryland basketball tips off its season against American on Nov. 11. Until then, we’re profiling every player on the team.

Melo Trimble, point guard

Height: 6’3

Weight: 185 pounds

High School: Upper Marlboro (Md.)

Jersey No.: 2

How Trimble got to College Park

Trimble committed to Maryland back in 2012, when he was only a high school junior. He was a consensus top-100 recruit, but didn’t necessarily have a the national pedigree of someone who’d develop into a Player of the Year candidate by his sophomore season. With Seth Allen and Roddy Peters transferring out before Trimble got to campus, he became one of the most important recruits in recent program history.

Career highlight


But this was also good:

2016-17 prospectus

Trimble goes from being the leading scorer on a team stacked with veterans to playing as a veteran on a team full of young players. Trimble will likely need to shoulder the load even more than he has in either of his previous seasons, as he’s the only guy coming back who averaged double-digit scoring. His three-point percentage dipped during his sophomore season, so he’ll be looking to bring that back up as a junior.

The addition of freshman Anthony Cowan really helps Trimble out, as he can play the point and shift Melo over to an off-ball position, which is his more natural role.

It’s no secret that Trimble’s sophomore season was viewed as a bit of a disappointment, but take a look at his stats again.

There really wasn’t much of a decrease in production here. Trimble was clearly slumping in the second half of last season, but if he can repeat these numbers as a junior, that’s probably another successful season. If he can repeat those numbers while returning a couple points to his three-point shooting percentage, this year could really be something special.

What a dream season might look like

Trimble ups his three-point percentage and gets to the rim a little more without getting hurt.

Up next

He’s the only senior on the team who isn’t a transfer.


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