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Maryland’s Jake Layman is now the best scorer in NBA history

Just the facts.

Hello everyone, we woke up this morning to some very exciting news. Maryland basketball’s own Jake Layman is now officially the best player in NBA history. Yep, you heard me. The best.

I have an ESPN tweet to prove it:

Layman drew a bit of NBA attention last week when he scored 17 points in eight garbage-time minutes in his debut, which prompted Kevin Durant to call for him to get more minutes. On Wednesday night, he scored nine points on 4-of-8 shooting in 16 minutes.

That gives Layman 26 points in 24 career minutes, good for the 39-points-per-36-minutes average ESPN notes above.

That just so happens to be the best points-per-36-minutes average in NBA history. The good thing about a stat like this is it won’t go down if and when Layman gets more minutes. Nope. It’ll just keep going up, like Layman did on this dunk:

Here’s that dunk from a couple different angles:

Jake. Freaking. Layman.

Posted by Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

And when you measure points per 48 minutes, Layman’s even better.

What I want to make clear here, unequivocally, is that Layman is the best basketball player to ever live and a statue of him should be built outside Xfinity Center immediately.