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Let Scott Van Pelt show you around the New Cole Field House

Pretty cool.

Maryland has some more announcements about the New Cole Field House project, and who better to tell you about them than Scott Van Pelt?

In this video, the school’s most visible alumnus takes viewers on a tour of what the New Cole Field House is going to look like.

This is all part of Maryland’s announcement that New Cole will include the Center for Sports Medicine, Health and Human Performance.

Here’s what that is, according to a university release:

The new Center, a signature component of the Cole Field House project, will serve as a treatment facility for a wide spectrum of sports related injuries and will also serve as a research center for investigation into the treatment of sports related conditions, including neuroscience and, specifically, the effects and consequences of traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries can cause depression, sleep disorders and cognitive decline and adversely impact a victim’s ability to function.

Through state support of the MPowering the State initiative, an initial $3 million will be invested in collaborative research that joins the strengths of both universities, by integrating the work of cutting edge research scientists and engineers in College Park with the front-line pre-clinical investigators and clinicians in Baltimore. A new orthopaedic outpatient center will be at the core of the facility, and will serve the community by providing access to high-level care for sports-related and general orthopaedic injuries throughout the region. The program will feature an outpatient faculty practice devoted to concussion evaluation and care.

The project’s new website has a section for each of New Cole’s divisions. There’s the Terrapin Performance Center, an indoor football field with team offices, a state-of-the-art workout facility and what appear to be movie theater-like meeting rooms.

In addition to the Center for Sports Medicine, Health and Human Performance, New Cole will also have an the orthopedic clinic.

The final part of the project is the Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, “Where notes on the back of a Bentley’s napkin transform into something you can hold in your hand.” This is somewhere the school is probably hoping it can produce its next Kevin Plank, the Under Armour founder footing the bill for some of this project.

Part of the site lets you look live at progress of New Cole, which is scheduled to be completed in “early 2019,” according to the new website.

Funding for the project hasn’t been completed yet. According to The Washington Post, President Wallace Loh “expects to raise another $49 million from private donors, with the rest of the $55 million expected to come from state and university funds.”

“We have a pool of people, identified by name and we’ve done our research as to how much we can ask each person for,” Loh told The Post.

Here are some new renderings of what the project is going to look like:

University of Maryland Communications