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Scenes from Maryland's homecoming loss to Wisconsin

TT staff writer and photographer Sammi Silber was on the field for the Maryland-Wisconsin homecoming game, and she shares her pictures and thoughts with you right here.

Going to this game, I didn't know what to expect. I always ended up disappointed, because I have faith in the Terps, and then they just drop the game. As I walked onto the filed, it was oddly more than what I usually saw from Capital One field.

First off, the arena was packed. It sure seemed to feel a lot more like homecoming weekend. Usually, the arenas aren't as energized, and by halftime, the stands are empty. These stands were full. And ironically, Maryland not only SCORED first, but they were tied at the end of the first half.

Also, these two teams clearly don't like each other. They tackled so hard against each other that you could hear the echo of their equipment smacking together. In fact, at one point, Maryland pushed so hard that they pushed Shelton II with so much force that he came flying at me at 100 miles per hour. So that was fun. I almost got tackled; go figure.

The quarterback saga continues to amaze me. Perry Hills needs to stop carrying the ball, and he needs to set up plays and know which one he's running so he can spend less time being sacked and thinking and more time getting the ball closer to the end zone.

Caleb Rowe was the spark that ignited the almost-comeback for the Terrapins, however, on some passes, you saw his throws going to absolutely no target. Many of them were thrown to the ground, and he also threw an interception that cost the Terps a chance to start up an offensive rush.

That last play was a heartbreaker. For those who couldn't hear what was happening down on the field, after Davis Jr. caught the Terps onside kick and ran it to the end zone for the touchdown, the refs decided the play was offsides. Davis Jr. fell to his knees and sat on the field, holding onto the ball and looking down. He couldn't believe it.

And what did the coach say?

"Do it again."

Not the greatest advice in the world, but there is no way to do better than that. It's not too easy to redo an onside kick, because now the opponents know what you're planning. The Terps were down and out, and they knew it.

However, back to the positive. This team did not stop trying. They continued to fight until the last seconds ticked off the clock. They planned, got the ball and truly tried to tie it. And yeah, it was a heartbreaker in the end. But I was happy that they did something they don't usually do; they tried really hard, and they gave it all today. In fact, they should have been the winners.

Also, with a shoutout to one player: Evan Mulrooney, thank you for making awkward eye contact not awkward while I snuck a picture of you on the sideline.