Torrey Story


Congrats to Torrey on his Graduation & a great career on the Gridiron. Sad to say that Wednesday will be the last time we see him as a Terp. There's just NO WAY he comes back next year.

Scott Van Pelt on Fridge & Leach


""So there are challenges economically for Kevin Anderson, the athletic director, to deal with, not the least of which are suites that are largely empty. And the business of college football is often brutal, and it doesn't feel fair, but I understand why an athletic director who's new comes in and takes a look at the situation and goes, all right, we've got some issues here. And he's chosen to make a move." .... "I'll say it this way: it had better be," Van Pelt said. "Because it's like Christmas time. A kid wants a bike for Christmas, not a book. Leach is a bike; anybody else is a book. And it had better be Leach." -SVP, quoted in the Bog

Source tells me Ok State has offered OC position to Mike Leach


Source tells me Ok State has offered OC position to Mike Leach

@LanceZierlein on Twitter Zierlein is a radio show host, so maybe he's pulling a Mike Wise here. Or maybe he's not that plugged in. Or maybe he's right. Who knows? Even if he is, Leach won't turn down Maryland for being an assistant at OK State. However, this does give him some leverage (finally) and makes things interesting for Maryland if they drag their feet. That is, of course, assuming that Leach is their guy. If he isn't, maybe this is some of the puzzle starting to fall together.

Patterson vs. City highlight reel. Aquille Carr goes off for 38 on Nick Faust and City....


Patterson vs. City highlight reel. Aquille Carr goes off for 38 on Nick Faust and City. Unfortunately, this is a Carr-centric mixtape, not a Faust-heavy one, but this one is more balanced (thanks to bloodwatermission). Sadly, you can't embed that one. Unfortunately, you don't see a lot of Faust in that highlight reel - he had 15 boards, but shot only 2-15 from the field. Not a good start. For the record, 15 of Carr's 38 came in the fourth quarter, including an eye-popping 13 in the final three minutes. He's pound-for-pound the best player in the country without a doubt. Unfortunately, poundage matters, and that he does not have.

Maryland Football Visits the White House


They didn't meet President Obama, sadly, but I still want pics. Anyway, this is just checking in so everyone knows that we're still around. I've been out of the house all day with family for Christmas, so this is my first chance to check in. We'll be back to normal tomorrow. Luckily, it was a slow news day. I should have an ECU preview, if anyone wants one, sometime tomorrow.

Sun: Danny O'Brien Staying at Maryland


Never really thought he would leave unless the new coach tried to run him off, which I would find...doubtful. Still, good to see and I'm glad Danny's still a Terrapin. It's not all that hard to have success in Leach's system, and Maryland has someone who seems to be the prototypical spread QB in Tyler Smith. But it's not hard to think that Danny can have more than success, but can dominate in it. He's one of the smartest, most accurate QBs in the nation, and should only get better in both of those areas. Good choice, and good to see.

4 This is the words of caution for the Terps next hire. Only fools rush in,,,wait a minute, our AD was cracking smiles in his conference when Mike Leach's name was brought up. I hope none of the players have fat girlfriends!

Maryland Sells Out Military Bowl Ticket Allotment, ECU Has 500 Left


Combined with the cheapo ones available elsewhere, I'm guessing there should be a pretty solid crowd there for Friedgen's send-off. Good show, guys, and hopefully this can be cited the next time there's a bowl crisis.

Patrick Stevens of D1scourse talks Friedgen, Leach and more on ITB Podcast


Patrick Stops by to talk about what ultimately transpired between Friedgen-Anderson and how Franklin's departure forced the AD into action. Plus the Mike Leach angle gets discussed as the non-conformist former TTU coach appears to be almost everyone's favorite candidate.