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Pete is the former managing editor of Testudo Times and the current assistant college football editor for SB Nation.

Updated Maryland football scholarship chart

A look at Maryland football's scholarship chart, from 2015 to beyond.

Testudo Times wins multiple BaltSun Mobbie awards

Thanks to you, we've had a really good year.

The case for Dino Babers

The Terps couldn't beat Babers, but they might want to join him.

The case for Mike Locksley

Maryland's interim coach has his work cut out for him.

Every single possible Maryland candidate

Let's be thorough here. Kevin Anderson, you don't even have to hire a search committee now!

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Maryland commit Keandre Jones's new highlight tape is just 6 minutes of PAIN

Maryland vs. Michigan preview

This is going to be a tough stretch.

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Maryland football holds players-only meeting, Randy Edsall: "That’s news to me"

Either WVU has the best pass D in the country, or

Or both. It could be both.

A changing of the guard

Meet the new boss, not quite the same as the old boss.