How about some good news? .............Maryland Basketball

RECRUITING NEWS is about to hit!

First Queen will sign in the coming weeks.....and Efeosa Oliogu (a top 50 2025) is going to reclassify and sign on the dotted line.

We are still players away, but finally Willard is going out and landing kids that show a real ability to actually man this team with the type of talent this university is used to having on the court.

I also expect a Portal Class that doesn't confuse it self for a Seton Hall South job.

We are still looking at Willard's second season being an embarrassment. Especially when you consider coaches hired this off season:
Kim English…….Pitino……Beard…….Odom at VCU…….Sprinkle at Utah St……..Rahim at South Florida……McCasland at Texas Tech have already put their new teams in far better standing.

. . . . . but, Willard is FINALLY giving all Terp fans hope.

At least that is what the word on the street is saying!

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