Good win....and uniforms

Still to many mental mistakes that will cost them against the elite. Unforced errors. Yes, won big in each of the 3 , but if you want to be champions, you strive for perfection even against such teams.

No one is perfect all the time, but it is about striving for it. Some are trying to poo poo criticism. Well, if you can not handle it, then you are striving for good, not great. I remember the old commercial of the football coach going off at half time calling out individuals missing block assignments...then a big lineman raises his hand "but coach, we, are winning", with a dumb look on his face..and coach is "that is what I am talking about". Think Lou Koltz would not be going nutz at halftimes of these games? And he won championships. So the likes of Exreehipster trying to blame line and stating Lia best QB of all time at are missing the point entirely. No one atains perfection, but you need to aspire to reach it to be a champion.

That said. Loved the uniforms. Though, wish they would fix the strips on the helmet still, to the early 80's and 2000's. It is subtle, but go back to it.

Loved the helmets black red script.

Stripes on pants...maybe a gold instead of two mimic the sleeves? Maybe a too garish. The gold stripe is good to acknowledge the flag.

This Over all style looks so good, I cold see even gold (the under armor Edsall ones were vomit) . Could see a gold jersey, white numeral, bordered in red...with the white Terps helmet and white pants. or red numeral and bordered in white.

Loved the Graduate tag. Stood out on TV. Be proud to show who they are.

One thing missing on these jerseys. The orginal black...not red or white ones...had MARYLAND across the front over the numerals. Move the BiG, UA and Graduate student up a little higher and add that.

MSU talk now...the door to 5-0 is wide open right now. I hate to kick a team when down..but a road game..take them out while they are down.

The Indiana at home.

Iron out these mental mistake. Maryland does not have the talent of Ohio State and the elite (though closing the gap some), so they have to play smarter.

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