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Under The Shell joins Testudo Times Podcast Network

Brendan Weissel, Sam Jane and Michael Howes explore the behind-the-scenes stories of Maryland athletics.

The Under The Shell Podcast returns for its second season this fall.
Under The Shell Podcast

The Under the Shell Podcast has joined the Testudo Times Podcast Network.

Hosted by University of Maryland students Brendan Weissel, Sam Jane and Michael Howes, the podcast explores the behind-the-scenes stories of Maryland athletics and previews each week’s upcoming athletic schedule.

Each episode will feature an interview from a current or former Terp, ranging from coaches and players to athletic trainers and boosters.

The podcast had a plethora of guests in its 23-episode first season, including Gary Williams, Mike Locksley and Brenda Frese, among others.

Additionally, the hosts also recorded an in-depth investigative piece about the state of name, image and likeness in College Park. Bringing in over 12 different voices, the episode was able to identify some key facts about Maryland’s NIL situation that had been previously unknown.

Listeners can find episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts by searching for “Under the Shell.” You can follow Under the Shell on Twitter and Instagram.

Be on the lookout for new episodes in the near future.