TERPS Football to wear Classic Look Unis for all of 2923 on!!!!

From For us old school die-hards this is excellent news. The TERPS script has an identity that is uniquely ours!!

here is the article tell me what you think!


"I'm very excited to announce that we are moving back to an iconic uniform, a classic look, something that our fans have been clamoring for for quite some time," said Damon Evans, Barry P. Gossett Director of Athletics. "When I think about our illustrious past as it relates to Maryland football, you think about Bobby Ross and Ralph Friedgen and the championship years wearing the Script Terps uniform. This Script Terps uniform embodies who we are, it symbolizes what it means to be a Maryland football player.

"I know our head coach Michael Locksley, someone who grew up in this area, in the DMV, worshiped the Terps in that uniform," Evans continued. "Now it's time for us to pay that homage and push forward, so I'm happy to bring back this iconic look. Terp Nation, here we come. Here it is."

Maryland donned the Script Terps uniforms originally starting in 1982 with the primarily red helmet, and wore that exclusively during the 1980’s. From 2001-10, the team wore the white helmet with the red Script Terp writing on the sides. Since Coach Locksley’s return in 2019, Maryland has worn the Script Terps uniform at least once each season.

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