March Madness Thread

It's conference tourney week NCAA Tourney time!

The field is now set: We've drawn a 8/9 matchup with WVU in Birmingham for the right to play Alabama. In Alabama, woof. Not a favorable pull, but we probably earned that the last couple weeks. Winner of that game likely faces UVA in case Willard and Co pulls off a miracle.

Elsewhere, I count 8 B1G teams: MD #8, Purdue #1, MSU #7, Iowa #8, Indiana #4, UPS #10, ILL #9, NW #7. Ok on Purdue, but outside them one of these things is not like the other. No clue what Indiana did to deserve a 4 seed. Also no Rutger, no Wisky, and no Michigan. Kind of surprised on Rutger, but maybe I shouldn't be.

Also nowhere to be seen is UNC. Duke is unfortunately a #5.

Anyone got some interesting games to watch, either first round or potential 2nd and beyond matchups? Will have to check this bracket a bit closer before Thursday.

Official Bracket

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