(How) Do you financially support Maryland athletics?

Maryland ranks last among B1G schools in athletic department revenue. Article here:

I used to have season tickets but I no longer live in the area. But I get a lot of pleasure following the Terps so I contribute to One Maryland Collective.

There are a lot of comments in threads on this site about salaries for assistant coaches or an inability to sign top recruits. I'm curious if people here actually participate in supporting the athletic department.

Do you financially support Maryland athletics?

How? (do you go to games? which sports? how many games?). You can say how much $ you spend or give a range, but I'm not going to ask.

Are you a member of the Terrapin Club?

Do you contribute to One Maryland? Which sports(s) do you direct your contributions to?

Or maybe some of us just like to complain, or expect someone else to pick up the tab. But that revenue data--the Terps are outperforming their budget relative to the competition.

Go Terps!

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