Who is Maryland's best-ever QB?

The Rate stat simply combines Completions, Yards, TDs and Ints using different weights and divides by total number of attempts, eliminating any bias for long careers.

(8.4 x Yards) + (330 x TDs) + (100 x Comp) - (200 x Ints)
All divided by total number of attempts.

It neither reflects positively on QBs for successful teams (Shaun Hill), nor negatively on QBs for less successful teams. (Neil O'Donnel).

The answer, of course, is Buddy Rogers who played from 1994-1997. Both his attempts were completed for a total of 70 yards and a touchdown, good for a 599.0 Rate stat.

Just for reference - some current NFL QBs and their college Ratings:

Brock Purdy - 151.1
Jalen Hurts - 162.3
Patrick Mahomes - 152
Russel Wilson - 147.2
Dak Prescott - 146
DeShaun Watson - 157.5
Trevor Lawrence - 164.3
Joe Burrow - 172.4

This list below is Maryland Qbs with qualifying number of attempts.


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