MD's DLINE and the future DL a reason for concern?

Throughout MD's recent history the DLine has been one of the weakest units for many years and this years unit is below average as well. This years DLine has 6 of its 8 two-deep (including the Jack position) who are Seniors and this unit is still one of the poorest across the board. Only 2 of those 8 are SO, Tommy A and Wilmot who are not part of the starting unit. Obviously last years transfers of Chop and Jackson were massive losses. Their is also Porter and Johnson who are getting some time, and Schockley but not in the 2 deep. There are 3 (at the moment) incoming FR Fontas, Samuels, Johnson who will likely have to sit as true FR. The DMV has produced some of the top Edge rushers in the country, we have yet to land any in recent history. Will there eventually be a break thru in DMV DLine talent that comes in or will this unit continue to be one of the poorest in the BIG if not the nation. The bottom line is MD needs to start landing better talent if the Defense is ever going to be a better unit.

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