Realignment and the BIG Ten's Next Media Right Deal

Our deal was supposed to be revealed about Memorial day.
Then the UCLA/USC coming to the BIG Ten was probably going on in the background.
Then maybe during Media Days, well it didn't meaning bidder were offering Best and Finals.

Now the expected reveal is August.
It will be interesting.

The UCLA/USC move hast the Big 12 and the PAC 12 going at it back and forth.
The new Big 12's Commissioner Yormark is official today.
But that didn't stop him from making the statement "We are open for business" at their media days.
The PAC 12 Commissioner fired back, he glad their open for business, just not sure we are shopping there.
Or something like.
PAC 12 media rights deal will be much smaller, not MWC smaller but smaller.
So if he did want to shop the Big 12 how would he propose to come up with the $80 mil buyout?

Anyway hope we can post here soon our new media rights deal.

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