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Here is an idea. . . . .
2 of the most physically talented guys in the history of the game are now on teams that are in a dire state to get rid of'm (Flat earth and W-Brick) , at a stage that should be the peak of their careers ( 30 & 33).

On our Terps Team, only Julian "JuJu" Reese is an elite athlete at his position in the B10.
Our cubby little Donta is an average athlete and HH, Young, Carey are all ibelow average B10 athletes at the B10 level.

With that said were not some of the greatest players in CB below aver athletes? Have not a few upper class teams reached high levels even without having top athletes?

In a way, if you look at the ring team, We Had a similar image of Reese in Wilcox and though the back court were fine athletes in a sense, they didn't combine for 4 dunks in there 8 seasons.
Now Lonnie was an adult.....but if Willard can flip philly tough, this could be one hell of a first season.

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